A 12-week online fitness & nutrition transformation program for busy women who are ready to get in the best shape of their lives (without extremes, fad diets, and spending hours in the gym) 

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TIRED OF FEELING EXHAUSTED and never seeing results? 

DO YOU FEEL ANXIETY over your food choices? 

HAVE YOU TRIED ALL THE THINGS and you still end up starting over every Monday?

Or better yet 

WHAT IF YOU KNEW EXACTLY WHAT TO DO EACH DAY AND DIDN'T HAVE TO WORRY about "failing" at another workout program?

WOULDN'T IT BE NICE to have a coach to teach you, encourage you, and keep you on track?

WHAT WOULD LIFE BE LIKE if you felt confident in your skin?

You’re in the right place (keep reading)!

GET THE BODY OF YOUR DREAMS without extremes (finally) 

Learn how to FIT IN RESULTS-DRIVEN WORKOUTS (even when you have no time) 

Make small nutrition changes so that you can STILL BE SOCIAL (and drink wine!) while you're losing weight 

Hey! I'm Joy! 

I’ve spent the last 15+ years helping women (just like you) change their bodies (and lives) through exercise and nutritious eating.  

Even though I was born with a birth defect (spina bifida occulta) I never let that limit me or my dreams. 

After giving birth to our daughter in 2005, I took a huge leap of faith by leaving my job as a surgical technologist in the operating room & opened up a women-only personal training busines, Joy Personal Training. 

I have fought hard to learn how to recover and rebuild my physique after 2 difficult pregnancies and being injured in 2 motor vehicle accidents that caused additional injuries to my back and neck.  

This is what brings me to you.  

My mission is to help you get your body back and live your healthiest life (without resorting to extremes).  

Simply put - I want to help you transform. 


  • You knew exactly what to do for workouts and nutrition and you were held accountable to actually doing.
  • You had a personal coach with a proven record of getting results right there with you (without judgement) every step of the way. 
  • You finally did something about the area of your life that you’ve been putting off for so long but always thinking about (finally putting yourself first!) 

If you are ready for your own transformation then I am ready to work with you as your coach and help you (finally) get the results you’re after.

"With serious motivation, discipline, consistency and an amazing personal trainer (all online or over the phone) you can reach your fitness goals!! Serious shoutout to my amazing pt @joykushner who's helped get me this far!"  

- Lindsi R.

This is your invitation to work with me personally inside my signature 12-week Online Fitness & Nutrition coaching program.

Together we will...

  • BUILD STRENGTH & LOSE BODY FAT without giving up your social life 
  • DROP INCHES FROM YOUR ENTIRE BODY so you can feel good in your clothes...and don't have to keep buying bigger sizes 
  • FOSTER A MENTALITY OF BALANCE and not restriction 
  • REV UP YOUR METABOLISM TO BURN FAT FASTER with workouts that fit in your schedule 
  • TIGHTEN & STRENGTHEN YOUR BODY so you can feel confident 
  • PROMOTE BETTER SLEEP so you can feel Energized, Vibrant and Strong 
  • REDUCE YOUR STRESS LEVEL so that life is more enjoyable 
  • LOSE THE ANXIETY over your nutrition choices and ditch the Sugar Cravings 

Ready To Level Up And Finally Make Some Progress Toward Your Fitness Goals?

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When I found Joy's website I thought I'd give her a try. Best decision ever! She changed my life in so many ways. She taught me how food fuels my body and healthy eating doesn't have to be boring! She helped me stick with the process and somehow made it fun to work out. She helped me build strength physically and mentally. The biggest change for me is how i feel about myself. I no longer compare myself to other women or hide behind clothes. I actually like my body and enjoy the process of working hard to achieve my goal of overall health! 

-Brandi E.

After my second child was born in 2008 I struggled to lose baby weight. Over the years I tried a few fad diets and joined various gyms but always had a hard time committing to very restrictive diets and gym time. Joy made it very easy to understand the food and nutrition side of things, provided great workouts that I could easily do at home and was great at keeping me accountable. For the first time I'm eating a real breakfast and carbs(!) and am actually losing weight. I highly recommend working with Joy and am so glad that I took the plunge, she has been phenomenal in helping me get my overall health back on track and I could not be more grateful! 

-Chris L.

Life is busy. I GET IT.  

What I also know is that you CAN live a fit and healthy lifestyle without restricting your favorite foods or spending hours in the gym.  

I help women find balance with healthy eating habits and results-driven workouts.  

I want you to know that through drive, dedication, and a disciplined mind and body - YOU CAN ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS AS WELL!  

Whether you are new to fitness or not, I would love to help you reach your goals of a strong, lean, and healthy body! 

I want you to LOVE the way you LOOK & FEEL!! 

"I had tried so many other challenges that I quickly failed at, until Joy’s! Her home workouts are amazing, I felt the satisfaction of getting a good lift in while in the comfort of my own home. The workouts are enjoyable and can be done pretty much anywhere. I am so thankful for Joy and her accountability! She helped me get out of the rut I was in and feel better about my fitness routine.

-Andrea F.



In-depth strategy call or zoom to pinpoint your 12-week goal and set a realistic plan of action that fits your schedule.


Bi-weekly zoom calls from me on our app where we will assess every obstacle and adjust accordingly. 


Access to my convenient app with daily exercise video demonstrations, along with reps and sets that makes tracking progress simple! 


Customized nutrition coaching through macro-nutrient tracking. 


Customized, programmable, gym and/or home training programs that are tailored to your goals and schedule. 


Access to my Members Only Facebook group where you can ask questions, receive support, and gain motivation. 

Don’t just take my word for it:

"Joy is amazing! Her programs are comprehensive and challenging. She is a fabulous trainer and an inspiration." 

Jennifer D.

 "Stepped on the scale today and I've officially lost 20 pounds!!! Whoop!" 

Maria C.

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"This woman kicked me into shape. I lost over 60lbs working my tail off."

-Angela A.

Wondering if working together is the right fit?

  • Know things need to change but you don’t know where to begin.  
  • Don’t want to fail at another fat loss program or time and money on a quick fix that won't last...  
  • Lose motivation quickly because you have no accountability and find most exercise programs either too rigid and unsustainable or too boring...  
  • Have tried all of the fads and you’re ready to implement simple habits that will create lasting results... 
  • Are tired of feeling exhausted and uncomfortable in your skin ...  
  • Know you're getting older and you don’t want to look back and wish you had tried harder… Virtually nodding Yes? Then YES! Working together is the right fit. Next step? 

Let's chat about working together to see if online fitness and nutrition coaching is the next best step for you. 

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Isn’t it time to quit the yo-yo cycle and begin a structured plan so you can finally see some changes in your body! 

Create balance with your fitness, nutrition, and your busy schedule! 

Get results that you can sustain while still enjoying life! 


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